Wine tourism in Sicily? Food and Wine Tourism is growing

New hospitality, tourism and marketing websites... web and wine tourism ...

These are the words that characterize the creation, communication and  sale of food and wine today. 

Food and wine tourism is a growing sector and Sicily, according to a recent study conducted by the World Food Travel Association, ranks, after Tuscany, as the second favorite destination for Italian food and wine lovers. 

Now, more than ever it's essential to inform your audience and make yourself known, getting better and better at "showcasing" yourself and your products on the web. 

We need to improve and develop web communication that the enotourist can follow, learning about our reality, that's as vast and varied as beautiful and fascinating. 

The tourist, whether an expert oenologist or curious explorer, wants to understand the culture, the lifestyle and the territory that each winery can offer.  Each territory with its unique products, each winery, each vineyard are the expression of a story to be told, presenting distinctive stories.  Hospitality adds the essential human element to our products and gives a personal identity to the cultural experience that the tourist wants to experience.

However, it is necessary to make yourself known ... and the web today is indispensable.

It serves, for example for 'Le Strade del Vino' wine routes, walks, visits to the wineries and tastings. 

On the web, not only the tourist but anyone who loves life and wants to enhance it and live it, will inevitably visit "news sites" (such as Assovini Sicilia) essential for the promotion of the region and its quality wine; A functional means of expression for wine-producing enterprises, news and events; or "wine tribe" sites where winelovers share their wine & food passions; or the "incoming" sites where they organize your trip; or "market" sites to purchase wines and products online through e-commerce; or "showcase" sites of individual companies. Through the web, thanks to portals like, it's easy to select the best wine tastings to have in Sicilian wineries by geographical area.  Visits are organized directly with the producers.  Each unique food and wine tour offers the best hospitality in each winery. To inform means to discover, making the knowledge of what fascinates and intrigues accessible.

This need exists today and is deeply felt in the food and wine world. Communication must be improved, in order to build a network, to promote both the quality of the products and the territory as a whole, making wine tourism a strong point in our economy.

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