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The following information on the use of cookies refers to the site, administered by the company Winery Tasting Sicily.


Cookies are text files of reduced size that the server of the site visited sends to the hard disk of the user. These files are memorized, in a permanent or temporary mode, and are re-transmitted when the user returns to the site. This allows the website to recognise its users and memorize certain information concerning them, in order to be able to improve or allow the use of the services offered. There are different types of cookies; some are essential in order to navigate the site, others guarantee internal security, administrate the system and carry out analysis for statistical purposes, whereas yet others are needed to gain insight into which sections of the site the user’s main interest lies, or to offer a personalised visit to the site. The site utilizes technical cookies and profiling cookies.

The information above refers both to the user’s computer and to any other device that the user may use to connect to the site.

The cookies our website utilises allow us:

  • to memorize preferences expressed;
  • not to request information already given in previous visits (e.g. username and password);
  • facilitate navigation and increase efficiency of the site;
  • guarantee the correct functioning of certain areas of the site;
  • save the user profile so as to be able to monitor the most frequently visited area of the site, and gain insight
  • into which sector falls within the user’s area of interest.

The site reserves the right to modify at any moment the present information regarding the use of cookies. Any change will come into effect from the day of publication on the site.

Closing the banner of the site, scrolling down the page and clicking on any element, gives consent to the use of cookies.

Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but the user can also modify the settings to disable this function. It is also possible to block all types of cookies, or give consent to the use of some and disable others. The sections “Options” or “Preferences”, present on the browser menu, allow the disabling of cookies and other user-tracking technologies and, moreover, they obtain notification from the browser should the above become active again. Alternatively, the “Help” section, present on most browser toolbars, could be consulted, or choose from the following list of browsers and follow the instructions:

From a mobile device:

For further information on cookies and managing cookie preferences (first and/or third party), users are invited to also visit the platform It must be remembered that disabling navigation or functional cookies may lead to the incorrect functioning of the site and/or the limitation of services offered.


Technical cookies are those which are necessary in order to navigate or to supply the service requested by the user. They are not used for any other purposes and are generally installed directly by the owner or manager of the website. Cookies can be subdivided into navigation cookies or session cookies, guaranteeing normal navigation and utilization of the website (enabling, for example, a purchase or authentication in order to access  reserved areas).

The technical cookies used by the site are:

  • Session Cookie
  • They manage and allow website login and to access reserved functions. If disabled, some services on reserved areas may not be used.


The site does not use first party profiling cookies.


Third party cookies are set up by a different domain from the one visited by the user. If a user visits a site, and a different company takes advantage of that site to send information, then third party cookies are being utilized.

The site provides for the use of the following third party profiling cookies:

Google Analytics

Our website pages uses third-party performance cookies by Google Analytics (service offered by Google Inc.) to collect anonymous data, to track visitor behaviour while surfing the site, to improve usability and experience. Through the board of Google Analytics, we may understand if visits have been made by new or old visitors, with the verification of surfing modalities (enter links, moves between pages, visiting times, geographical origin, etc.).

If you want further information about Google Analytics, you may visit the following websites:

You may also disable Google Analytics function through tools provided by Google. For more information, visit the site:

Social Widgets

Some widgets, provided by social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.), may use their third-party cookies. If disabled the website may be still used, unless in those section where widgets may be installed (ex. the combination of videos and maps), and, in some cases, the possibility of quickly sharing contents or commenting some website sections.

AddThis – Policy:
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Advertising cookies are installed to show site visitors content relevant to their preferences. They can then be used to show advertising content targeting the user’s interests.

This type of cookie usually works in collaboration with third party sites, and can keep track of past navigation on pages present on different domains. These cookies usually keep track of the user’s IP address along with other information, some of which may be personal.

Google AdSense Disclosure:
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OneSignal (Lilomi, Inc.)

OneSignal is a messaging service provided by Lilomi, Inc.

OneSignal allows the Owner to send messages and notifications to users on platforms such as Android, iOS and on the web. Messages can be sent to individual devices, to groups of devices, or based on topics or specific segments of Users.

Depending on the permissions assigned to this Website, the Data collected may include and include information on the precise location (for example, through GPS data), the Wi-Fi network and the applications installed and activated by the User. To allow the OneSignal service to function, this Website uses mobile device identifiers (including the Android Advertising ID or the Advertising Identifier for OS) or technologies similar to cookies.

The collected data could be used by the service provider for promotional purposes (based on Users' interests), statistics and market analysis. For more details on the use of Data by OneSignal, please see the related privacy policy.

Opt-out from push notifications
In most cases, Users will be able to deactivate notifications through the settings of their device (for example the section on Push Notifications), making the related changes in relation to all or some of the applications present.

Opt-out from interest-based promotional activity
Users can opt out of the OneSignal promotional functions through their device settings (for example, those related to advertising management). Different configurations of some devices, or the installation of any updates, could affect the operation of the mentioned settings.

Personal Data collected: Cookies, Usage data, emails, unique identifiers of devices for advertising (Google Advertiser ID or IDFA identifier, for example), language, geographical location and various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service.

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