A weekend at the beach and the vineyards, surrounded by the lush nature of Menfi

From September 1st to the 2nd 2018, once again Menfi (AG) will be hosting the Mandrarossa Vineyard Tour: a two day weekend for wine tastings and outdoor activities, created for tourists and for those who enjoy food & wine, culture, sports and good music. Similarly to the previous editions, Mandrarossa will open its doors on the south-western coast of Sicily for a unique experience, allowing visitors to get to know the soul of the company and the excellent products it produces through a program full of activities. Menfi is one of the Sicilian capitals for agriculture: the extremely fertile soil is farmed with vineyards, olive trees, vegetables and many different herbs that grow wild; 9.000 hectares of land exposed to the sun, with an elevation between 100 and 400 meters above the sea level. The raw materials produced in Menfi have a flavour unlike any others, due not only to the geographic location, but to the climate that promotes the growth and farming of rare plants, fruit and vegetables with unique aromas. A universe of varieties and flavours, founded on the idea of seasonality, biodiversity, nature and lots of experience. From handpicking grapes with the magnificent “Ciache Bianche” beach in the background, to the tastings of the Mandrarossa wines paired with traditional dishes prepared by the women of the Cucina Mandrarossa; as well as show cooking and guided technical tastings in the Pineta Pelella, and evening aperitifs with live music and shows; excursions and relax at the Pineta Molinari where nature and the beach can be enjoyed: all of this is the Mandrarossa Vineyard Tour, which focuses on sustainability, healthy living and respect for the environment. An event created for wine-lovers, wine-tourists, sports and outdoor enthusiasts, who will be able to take part in the harvest, listen to the stories of the previous harvests and taste the wine directly in the vineyard. The main event is the harvest, celebrating a ritual that still today dictates the rhythm of a community that lives in this uncontaminated corner of Sicily: vineyards of 15 different grape varieties, an uncontaminated natural habitat with green hills overlooking the sea. Another important detail of Menfi’s territory is its agricultural vocation and traditional local cuisine: simple, healthy and genuine that uses products from the land and carefully prepared by the Brigade of Cucina Mandrarossa in occasion of the Mandrarossa Vineyard Tour. A cuisine featuring dishes in which each raw material has its own unique story to tell, because it comes from the hands of the men and women that produced or picked it. Mandrarossa Vineyard Tour 2018: a fantastic weekend at the beach surrounded by the vineyards is waiting for you! The complete program of the event is available on

Mandrarossa: a clear and authentic expression of Sicily’s wines. The vineyards are located along the coast of the island, in Menfi, a unique and uncontaminated territory, ideal for quality viticulture thanks to the light and temperature conditions and the sea breezes. The territory’s diversity, featuring small hills overlooking the sea, creates different elevations, slopes, expositions and types of soil that are ideal for a different cultivar each time, ideal for the research projects in the vineyard and to increase the quality yield. Thanks to the research, Mandrarossa is the winery with the most amount of cultivars on the island, for local and international varieties, among which a few are new and unique. As a result the Monovarietali (single origin) line was created, the most exclusive and assorted in Sicily, a line of Territorial and Cru wines, pure or as blends, the territory’s highest expression of quality and innovation.


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