Sualtezza 650 Brut by Tenute Lombardo is awarded in Sicilia in Bolle 2022

Sualtezza 650 Brut di Tenute Lombardo viene premiato a Sicilia in Bolle 2022
Sualtezza 650 Brut di Tenute Lombardo viene premiato a Sicilia in Bolle 2022

“Alberto Gino Grillo” Prize is awarded to Sualtezza 650 Brut 2021 Tenute Lombardo for the Charmat Bianco category.

In the complex and vast world of sparkling wine, the Italian Sommelier Association of Agrigento and Caltanissetta, recognized with the award ceremony of the eighth edition of “Sicilia in Bolle 2022” the value of Sualtezza 650 Brut – sparkling wine from Catarratto grapes coming from the heights of center of Sicily.

In the great hall of Madison Restaurant in Realmonte, on 25th September 2022, at the gala dinner, has been held the sparkling wine recognition for this bubble wine capable of conquering the judges with its elegance and freshness. The price was given to the producer Gianfranco Lombardo.

Born from the great bet of the Lombardo company to make sparkling a native Sicilian vine, with strong acidity and the typical aromas of the high-altitude Catarratto, the first impact note of Sualtezza 650 is the freshness on the palate and the sustained acidity, which immediately brings back to another sip. The scents are fruity and the perlage is intense and persistent.
Tenute Lombardo has always believed in the very high potential of Catarratto, the first white grape to be grown on the farm, after decades of Nero d’Avola’s history.
In fact, production has evolved over time, from Bianco d’Altura, a historic label, to the Sualtezza 650 sparkling wine, and the Riserva di Catarratto Estì.
Sualtezza 650 takes its name from the estate from which it was born, where hectares of Catarratto are cultivated with great care and seem to be protected by an ancient farmhouse, historical testimony of rural life, which has now become a place, wisely restored, where to enjoy good wine and genuine food, surrounded by nature.
The grapes grown on white soil, rich in silt, limestone and clay, the day / night temperature changes of over 15 degrees and low rainfall, are harvested by hand in the first ten days of September. The vinification takes place at a controlled temperature of 14 ° C in stainless steel tanks, then processed in an autoclave. Once bottled in isobaric, the sparkling wine is stored at 16 ° C.

This is how this pleasant product, already awarded two years ago, is obtained, which can be enjoyed during an aperitif but also throughout the meal or with shellfish and oysters.
A sparkling wine that seems to represent the potential of a territory that has yet to fully express itself.

“An areal that of central Sicily which, focusing on native vines and trusting in favorable climatic changes, will soon be known in the world for its quality wines and sparkling wines”

Gianfranco Lombardo

this is the wish expressed by Gianfranco Lombardo during the award ceremony.


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