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If we would drink a good glass of wine a day we could beat the record of the oldest man in the world, Francisco Núnez Olivera, born in 1904 (who died last week at the ripe old age of 113). Or maybe we could imitate the lifestyle of Antonio Docampo Garcìa, another recordman, who thanks to what he called “the diet of wine”, has enjoyed many beautiful and sunny days (107 birthdays). To have the good fortune of being able to “blow out a lot of candles” we would ideally need to live in a peaceful and warm place of affections and emotions, in contact with nature, possibly with a vegetable garden and biological products on hand, we could give ourselves over to a healthy lifestyle, ‘forcing ourselves’ to take regenerating walks, have good ancient grain bread in place of our ‘daily stress’. We could cross our fingers and hope for an excellent genetic package (written on the best by date: longevity). We could have all the credentials to break the longevity record but forget that precious ruby-colored secret. 

Must not forget! 

Everyday there must be a good glass of wine, that according to the latest American research, helps to “clean” our brain (also helping memory) It’s good for the whole body (antioxidants) as seen by the above mentioned winelovers who also said that they never felt old. Pass me the wine, please …


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