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If you are a passionate-living enthusiast, you cannot miss the opportunity to experience the emotion of a journey through time, retracing the key stages (from 1880 to present day) in the life of one of the most important families in the Sicilian wine scene: Pellegrino.

All year around guests can visit the historic cellars of Marsala holding more than 135 years of history of one of the most important Sicilian vintners. Long rows of barrels of various types and sizes, barriques adorning the large walls, inebriating scents of Marsala and wood, soft lights and an absolute silence so as not to disturb the ageing of wines.

The visit to the cellar is a unique multisensory experience, not only for wine lovers, but also, and above all, for those who love art, history, culture and beauty.

Beside the barriques used to refine the great Marsala wines, there is also room for the private collections of the Pellegrino family: the five Sicilian carts of the 19th century, the plaster casts of the Punic ship dating back to 300 BC which has been recovered and restored thanks to the family’s intervention, the collection of the ancient tools once used by coopers, the original accounting books belonging to Ingham Whitaker, one of the first and most famous English families who contributed to write the history of Marsala.

The visit of the historic cellars leads visitors directly to “piazzale del Baglio”, where they will have the opportunity to taste the full range of Pellegrino’s wines matched with the most typical local gastronomic specialties.

Over one hundred and thirty years of history has led the Pellegrino family to widen their oenological project to include white and red wines, aromatic and sparkling wines, with a special emphasis on native vines, Marsala and the wines coming from the island of Pantelleria, true descendants of the Pantheonian farmer’s heroic viticulture, included in the UNESCO World Heritage


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