Aurora- I Vigneri. Salvo Foti
Aurora- I Vigneri. Salvo Foti

These are the distinctive characters of a special wine, produced in the Etnean area.

As its label suggests, it is not an ordinary white wine.

Aurora is the last creation of “I Vigneri” by Salvo Foti90% Carricante and 10% Minella, two of the most representative autochthonous vines grown at the foot of the volcano.

The name Aurora, that means sunrise, is a tribute to a typical local butterfly, an endangered species portrayed in the wine’s label with soft, but nonetheless warm colors reflecting both the wine’s character and the delicacy of this lovely butterfly.

We are in the Winery “Palmento Caselle”, located in the municipality of Milo, on the eastern slope of Mount Etna.

The grape clusters, which in the month of October will be harvested entirely by hand, blend with the surrounding land, characterized by terraced vineyards cultivated on a volcanic sandy soil at 850 meters above sea level. Fine air wraps the rows of these grapevines, grown according to the producer’s philosophy, by respecting the natural balance and using only natural products.

Vines share the environment with other plants and herbs so as to become an integral part of this biodiversity.

Racking and bottling follow the moon phases.

This wine, signed by Salvo Foti, who is considered one of the best Italian wine growers, confirms the skills of the people who love their land and cultivate the vines with respect for the territory.

The result is a beautiful, elegant, fruity, fresh and, at the same time, authentic white wine, produced without added sulfites. Aurora comes insight with a brilliant straw yellow color with golden hues, and scents of peach and citrus. It opens on the palate with a balanced acidity and an excellent

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