Azienda Agricola G. Milazzo

About us

Producing wine for the Milazzos’ is a real “family affair”. A story of about 150 years of strong devotion to agriculture, it’s landscapes, it’s mysteries, it’s rythms, it’s deep tie with the true essence of the island.
This legacy is today passed down to Giuseppina Milazzo and her husband Saverio Lo Leggio, united in the commitment to give continuity to the virtuous evolution of the brand Milazzo. Between the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties they were among of the first winegrowers to promote winemaking using native Sicilian vine-stocks.
Over the course of the years and together with other famous names, this led to the recovery of the island’s tradition of quality winegrowing. At the same time they introduced the Chardonnay grape into Sicily with the specific aim of producing a top, Classic Method SICILIAN sparkling wine.

Our winery


Here at a height of 400 metres is where you find the 75 hectares of family vineyards, here the climate conditions of the hillside and the lay of the land combine with the beneficial influences of a typical Mediterranean climate: temperate summers and mild winters. We always have a gentle breeze, which favours significant day-night temperature swings.
It is a grape growing area that is characterised by a particular concentration of variable type of soils: from dark clays mixed in with organic matter to white chalky soil. The former has a constant and homogenous level of fertility, the latter guarantees rich, complex, aromatic profiles. Thanks to these fortunate conditions, within a radius of around 5 sq kilometres, we perfectly adapted the varieties to the subsoils capturing the uniqueness of every growing area, obtaining wines with a broad spectrum of aromas.


Eight distinct areas, one identity

Each of our wines is unique and authentic. Each area is a mosaic of sensations inescapably evoking the characteristics of that specific subsoil and microclimate.

  • Munti
  • Garcitella
  • Giuseppina
  • Milici
  • Silliti
  • Fondirò
  • Montalbo
  • Ninotta