Azienda Agrobiologica di Salvatore D’Amico

About us

Azienda Agricola Salvatore d'Amico is one of the oldest on the island of Salina and is a small family business, operating in the municipality of Leni.
Family memories allow us to reconstruct the history of the company over three generations: his grandfather Antonino Divola began in the early years of the twentieth century, creating the first winery in Valdichiesa and at his death, 1964, continued the daughters Nunzia and Grazia.

In 1972, her daughter Nunzia and her husband, Raffaele d'Amico, restructured the current winery in Leni in an old Aeolian house and registered the vineyards at no. 8 in the Albo DOC of Malvasia delle Lipari. In the same year, his son Salvatore D'Amico, a winegrower and lover of the island traditions for passion, decided to take care of the family business and in 1976 he completed some "experiments", with the help of old precious manuscripts of his grandfather and the experience gained by his parents, which allow him to produce a Malvasia, renowned passito wine, of the highest level and to relaunch the business with the new denomination Azienda Agrobiologica Salvatore d'Amico.

Over the years, the land cultivated with vineyards has gradually increased from an initial hectare, from which came the entire production of the family farm, to three hectares. The planting of new vineyards has required a lot of effort because of the morphology of the land, which has made particularly laborious the construction of terraced systems through the restoration of old dry walls, along which grow spontaneous plants of capers. From the vineyards the Company gets four real pearls: Malvasia delle Lipari D.O.C, Tenuta Ruvoli un Salina Rosso I.G.T., Tenuta Valdichiesa un Salina Bianco I.G.T. and Léne un Salina Bianco I.G.T., all valuable wines, to be tasted directly at the farm, maybe after visiting the characteristic winery and the vineyards from which they come.

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