Azienda Vitivinicola Paolo Calì - Vittoria (Ragusa)

About us

I'm Paolo Calì.

I am a winemaker pharmacist who bet on a project that is focused on my territory, devoted to the cultivation of the vineyard and the production of wine, re-establishing the age-old tradition of my family in these same lands. My winery has grown together with me and those who work with me, with passion and dedication.It was the dream that I cradled as a child, the dream of reviving the countryside where my father took me every afternoon after school. I have the ambition to produce real wines, free from conceptual schemes, free not to pursue fashion and free to excite. I'm proud to have the privilege of transmitting my thoughts and beliefs into your glass and on your table.

Our winery


The vines are cultivated on sea sands, shaped by the wind and rain like dunes, heated by the summer sun to become inaccessible. I decided to plant and cultivate only native Sicilian vines, such as Frappato,Nero d'Avola and Grillo, and to vinify them enhancing the peculiarities of the soil and the climate, which guarantees important temperaturevariations; all this translates into a marked sapidity and minerality,in enveloping perfumes and in a great elegance.


All operations are directed to minimize interments to protect the integrity of the wines and their hit with the territory. 

We love experimenting to try to improve and to provide you the best possible expression. 

We aspire that our wine be ambassadors of the area and they tell the story of who have produced them.