About us

Thirty years of tilling, pruning, and working the land and always with the same positive spirit, like a proud father watching his own child grow.

From the first sprout to the final harvest, we carry with us the knowledge that “we are what we eat”.

The story of BioViola began in black and white, and thanks to the Adragna Family’s experience and know-how, has taken color maintaining the values and traditions of the farmers of the past.

Our own personal life experiences, as well as the respect we have for life itself, has brought us to make a certain decision, and that conscious decision can be found in the lifestyle that is organic farming.

The cultivation of the land with respect for the flora and fauna provides us with an internal feeling of happiness and well being that money simply could not buy.

The third generation of the Adragna Family has brought a new sense of enthusiasm and a strengthening of the will to bring value to the products of a Sicily, that with her immense sun brings smiles to our faces and love to our hearts.

With that, a new era has begun in which the story, the values, and the wholesome principles of our family are contained in the BioViola brand.

Our winery

Sicily is the mother of colors, of horizons, of beautiful people and places, but also of products that are a reflection of her richness.

Our land, cultivated exclusively using organic farming methods, extends to the scenic area surrounding the city of Alcamo. From the ancient Temple of Segesta to the lands that once withstood the battles of Garibaldi, to the numerous “bagli” and castles, to the main town square in the city of Alcamo, named after Ciullo d’Alcamo, one of the first champions and poets of the Italian language, our land overflows not only with natural richness, but cultural richness as well.

These sun-kissed hills are home to vineyards, olive groves, gardens, and expanses of various native plants. The proximity to the sea, the topographical characteristics of the land, as well as the exposure to the sun are all elements that help Mother Nature bear the fruits of our Sicily in the full respect of the seasonal cycles of production.