About us

“If you want to be the only one, you must be different”

the apocryphal vigneron

From 4 generations, the Calabretta family has grown grapes according to the century-old traditions of Etna; minimizing vineyard treatments, (only low quantity of “Copper Sulphate” & “Sulphrum”). We make the “green manure”, the “mulch”, “plowing”, “strictly pruning the vines”. Our head pruned vineyards are delineated by volcanic stone walls that crisscross our landscape.
The volcanic soil of our area, combined with the dramatic temperature differential between day and night & the high solar daily yields grapes of singular expression when harvested in the middle of October only perfectly ripe. Our wines’ flavors and aromas are a marvelous expression of this special part of Italy. Massimiliano Calabretta does believe in experienxe and sperimentation, so you can feel the different features of cru.zones (contradas) and grapes. Visit us to penetrate the secrets of Etna wines!

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