About us


A grest passion for wine and a deep connection with the land, these are the values which have always inspired Cambria. The continuous commitment to produce high quality wines goes hand in hand with the desire to exploit the pecularity of the territory.

Both the goals are pursued through a careful balance among the three “T” s: Tradition, Terroir and Technology.

The link between there three elements, in fact, is the secret of a successful wine making historym looking into the future with absolute optimism.


Cambria's estate, where there are the famous Nocera vineyards, is on the hills of Furnari, in the Mamertino Doc heart, on the slopes of Tindari Nebrodi's mountains, 45 kilometers West of Messina.

Cambria's estate extends for 30 hectares, and 25 of them are vineyards.

Vineyards, divided in little Estates, lie on plots deriving from Pliocene's marine marls with limestone, schist and tuffs, with an height of 150-350 meters.

Grapes benefit from hot days and fresh nights during the growth period.

The nocera vine

With this Grand Cru of the Furnari hills the dream of the CAMBRIA company has become reality: to revive the real Nocera of the Mastronicola estate, a fine grape variety which was Julius Caesar’s favourite.

Nino, during one of his walks along the estates, noticed a vine different from the others, pretty flavouring and delicious. He decided to let analyse it and then discovered that it was a grape variety called NOCERA. He let certificate it and later the plants of this renowned grape variety for 2000 years old were re-planted in the sixties. From some important journalists of the wine sector, Nino today is defined the «father» of the Nocera.

This precious jewel of distinguished finesse, obtained from an advanced vinification process and a careful ageing phase in barriques, will touch you with the uniqueness, its softness, its authenticity and for its unmistakable and persistent aroma.

Historical background

The autochthonous vine of the Messina district, associated with the “Mamertinum” wine which was noted by the ancient Latins. In the vineyards of Messina, you can find very ancient strains of Nocera. Nocera was introduced

in the mid-800s in France, Provence and Beaujolais, where it was distributed under the names of “Extrafertile Suquet” and “Barbe du Sultan” (Mas and Pulliat, 1879).

Characteristic of the plant

A medium strength plant, with whole or three-lobed medium size leaves, from cuneiform to pentagonal shape; the medium cluster, cylindrical-conical, simple or winged, medium berries, short ellipsoidal, consistent skin of bluish black color. Grapes have an Anthocyanin profile, characterized by a strong presence of Malvidina and a very low percentage of Cyanidin.

From the aromatic point of view varietal compounds are very interesting, with a particularly high concentration in terpenes, the content in Norisoprenoids closely associated with the synthesis of carotene.

Characteristic of the wine

The wine essentially reflects to the Nocera varietal characteristics, in the Anthocyanin profile the presence of Malvidina becomes very consistent (85%), but the other Antocians decrease. The aromatic framework shows a clear chemical evolution of the wine but at the same time it is interesting to disclose the terpene contribution, which begins to make a big difference when we find Linalol, Geraniol and Citronellol produced by the yeast.

Sensory characteristics

The color obtained from the grapes in purity is intense ruby red with purple reflections, good aroma, full bodied, with high acidity and balanced in alcohol and tannins. It has a delicate persistent taste, a faintly fruity flavor, slightly velvety, savory and fresh; expresses its uniqueness and complexity by a processed and bottled in clear, especially well-expresses its colour and structure by ageing in barriques.

Main characteristics of the wine

Nocera wines show an extraordinaty intense ruby red colour tending to purpura reflections. This vine has 5 points of extra coloring compared to the great red wines. The high alcohol content and the high level of acidity are uncommon features you can find in a single bottle. This is why the wines obtained by Nocera are an incomparable and unique product of their kind, only available in limited editions.

Our winery

Furnari, a small town in the north-east of Sicily, ib the Messina province, lying on green hills upon which one can perceive the protection from the Sanctuary of Tindary and a superb view on the enchanting Aeolian Islands. In this blessed strip of land the Cambria Company was established in 1864. It was clear from the very beginning that between this beautiful area and the newborn company a deep alliance would commerce. Thanks to his strong passion for wine, Matteo started his great adventure.

Today the company has a precise target: to exploit the uniqueness of the territory maintaining the highest quality standards, through the right balance between new technologies and traditional care.

The company growth goes hand in hand with the rediscovery of a territory which represents the heart of the most authentic Sicily, a Sicily 'to drink' and love.