About us

The San Lorenzo estate is located along the Camporè Contrada road, (from which the wine company takes its name) in Randazzo, in north eastern Sicily. This precious land was gifted by King Vittorio Emanuele II to his soldier and field aide, Giovanni Vigliasandi. Maria Pia Madaudo bought it for the Camporè wine company in 2016 and together with her sister Cristina, undertook the ambitious project of restoring the ancient stone wine press to its former splendour with the aim of using it once more for wine production and thus uniting the same passion for fine wine, nature and Mount Etna.

In fact, the mission of the Camporè company is to produce excellent wine in harmony with the natural surroundings and combine innovation and tradition at the same time.

Today the estate is a place which recalls its splendid past. Everything has been rigorously and lovingly restored to its former glory through a detailed conservation project, the aim of which was to create a visual and sensitive rapport with the surrounding landscape through the inseparable bond with nature and its colours, the people and the identity of Etna.

"The Palmento"

This antique stone wine press and the building which houses it have recently been lovingly restored to their original state. There is also a display of agricultural tools used at the time, including the actual stone used to crush the grapes. Now this beautiful building is a splendid setting used to host events and wine tastings.

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