Cantine Intorcia

About us

"My legacy, our family’s legacy.

Entering our cellars and being able to choose is easy,

Call it luck, but if it exists it’s because

our family believed in Marsala,

keeping it as a treasure of inestimable value."

The first day of work in the family business is a memory that Francesco relives every moment.

He understood from the very first moment that inside the historical cellars treasures were kept, he felt it vibrate inside himself.

Like a novel, he began to browse through its pages.

Tasting vat after vat, he realizes that Marsala was losing, little by little, but inexorably its beautiful history, its roots, its memory.

The more he looked back through the book and immersed himself in tasting the oldest vintages, the more he could see the freshness and complexity of the wines.

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