About us

Capofaro was created from the love that the Tasca d’Almerita family has for wine and sea, a spectacular estate on the island of Salina designed for friends, guests and luxury seekers, providing the best Mediterranean hospitality. Capofaro is the ultimate expression of Salina, the most authentic Aeolian island: a locanda surrounded by rows of vines reaching the coast, which produce Malvasia, the typical local wine. Capofaro is the ideal destination for people seeking peace, wellness, a full-immersion in winemaking and the work behind it, island life, and most importantly, a tailor-made experience. Capofaro is nature, volcano, land and sea: a place that stimulates all the senses. One hour in Capofaro lasts longer, silence becomes a sound, light is queen, from the warm sunlight to the relaxing light of the stars and the lighthouse. Capofaro is the culmination of the Sicilian cuisine and Tasca’s gastronomic traditions, recreated with the best local raw materials, craftsmanship and the creative flair of a young southern chef. Capofaro can become an addiction: the unique combination of aromas, flavors, views and an elegant sense of adventure, makes it impossible not to come back. Capofaro is the place where luxury is natural beauty.

Our winery

Capofaro is one of the five estates owned by the Tasca d’Almerita family, home of the Anfiteatro vineyard, “Grande Vigna” di Malvasia. As every Tasca d’Almerita project, the starting point in Salina was the vineyard. When the Capofaro property was purchased, there was a 6-hectare Malvasia vineyard that had been in production for about thirty years: the best part was kept in production, and the building was restored. The potential of the ancient vineyard was combined with the opportunity to find better Malvasia plants on the island, creating a new vineyard with enhanced aromaticity.

Our taste itinerary

Capofaro from the vineyard to the glass Tasting - Capofaro

Capofaro from the vineyard to the glass

Tasting of 3 Tasca d’Almerita wines paired with3 light bites from our restaurant.

per person
including VAT

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