Caruso & Minini

About us

In our era wine is not longer just a drink but a concentration of exciting feelings, sensations and seductive fragrances able to envelop you.

Sicily is naturally devoted to produce wonderful fruits full of aromas, very appealing to the entire world. In the farthest west part of this magnificent island is where Marsala and Caruso & Minini are located.

Our favourable position in the center of the Mediterranean basin allows us to have wonderful weather conditions and exposure. In addition to that, the location of our vineyards in the middle of the hills between Salemi and Marsala, give us the gap of temperature between day and night that exalt the fragrances of the grapes.
In other words, climate, terroir, exposure, and quality are the key to success of our products in a land where tradition does the rest.

Our winery

The country estate which today is called Terre di Giumara (Land of Giumara) started at the end of the nineteenth century by the initiative of Antonino Caruso.

These were years when the scourge of phylloxera had just been defeated and Marsala’s grape-growing activity was laboriously reviving.
The land chosen by Antonino and his son Francesco turned out to be perfect for the production of high quality grapes particularly desirable to Marsala’s wine establishments. The contribution that the type of soil, altitude and distance from the sea could give to the quality of the grapes produced was discovered by the son of Francesco Nino, who in the middle of the 1900’s at a very young age, led the family company.
Today, Terre di Giumara is led by Stefano Caruso along with his brothers Francesco and Roberto, who decided to use the name of the family estate for the line of the Caruso & Minini’s single variety of wine. This is a tribute to the work that four generations of vintners have done to improve the quality of the grapes produced.