About us

The Curtos boast a very ancient  Franch origin, dating back to 1030, when their ancestor, Pietro, was granted by Emperor Corrado the “Salico” the County of Omazzo and some of the nearby lands.Towards the end of the 16th century the family moved to Spaccaforno where ancient documents prove their status of landowners. The Curtos are viticulturists since 1670 and they still own 200 hectares of which 30 hectares are planted with vineyards.

Towards the end of the 20th century, the  estate began to seriously focus on wine making. They turned the  50 years “alberello “vineyard into a key plantation, planted new vineyards and created a new vinification cellar equipped with the most modern wine-making technologies. The cellar is located in the beautiful setting of Villa Sulla  (18th century) near Ispica, in a spectacular position among vineyards, citrus groves, olive groves, carob groves, and  enclosed by the characteristic dry walls of the  Modica area and by numerous necropolis. 

Our farm

The soil of the estate has a very calcareous nature and it is all part of the Eloro D.O.C. area, near Pachino, not far from Avola, the original town of the “Nero d’Avola” grape variety. This is the most luminous and the hottest area of Italy which also enjoys the benefit of the Mediterranean sea breeze.

The excellent quality of the grapes obtained thanks to the above described climatic conditions turn eventually into very elegant and high class wines.