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The Di Prima family saw in this terroir the land that would generate the finest fruits: his winery was the first and best expression of the qualitative potential of this wine territory.

The splendid Di Prima Farm tales began from this: from a dream, a fairytale born to last through time.

A passion for wine cultivated by Davide since  his infancy, when his father Gaspare told him stories about the grapes of the vineyard Batia pressed by his great-grandfather since the beginnings of last century where they trod the grapes by foot in big open wooden vats. 

Davide benefiting of his fathers long time experience, always busy in the world of wines put his degree of attorney in a drawer, involving in his adventure all the components of the family: his mother Licia Cardillo, writer, his brother Giuseppe surgeon, his sister-in-law Francesca psychologist, his wife Valeria teacher, and also little Gaspare, Giovanni and Alice.

A Sicilian family with lots of interest but with a common project to transform from their own grapes high quality wines.

Our winery

The farm is situated in the territory of Sambuca di Sicilia in the province of Agrigento.

The vineyards extends for 38 hectares in three suggestive areas: Pepita Roccarossa, Arancio, Batia. The rent natural conditions, the cultivation with biological systems, the altitude that ranges from 300 to 550 metres, the microclimate favoured by the closeness

to Lake Arancio and to the wood, the temperature range, permits to select the vines adapting them to the characteristic of the soil to produce wines that have a strong and intense personality.

The culture of the vine in the estate Di Prima goes back to immemorial time.
A few metres from the farm, in fact, were discovered pigiatoi dug in to the rock that probably dates back to the Sicani age, ancient inhabitants of western Sicily.

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4 wines Tasting - Farm Gaspare Di Prima - Farm Di Prima Winery

4 wines

Tasting of 4 Classic Il Grillo del Lago Grillo doc Sicilia la Risinata Chardonnay Doc Sambuca Di Sicilia Doc, Arancio Lucido igt terre siciliane Orange wine e La matrice Nero D’Avola doc Sambuca Di Sicilia

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Di Prima winery Tasting - Farm Gaspare Di Prima - Farm Di Prima Winery

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