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A history of tradition and passion

Among the strong colors of the fertile Salina - the deep green of the lush vegetation, the blue sea and the clear blue sky - and the genuine and sincere tastes of its ancient traditions, borns and matures the experience that comes to Francesco Fenech from his ancestors, winemakers from more than two centuries ... The unique relationship with unspoiled nature characterizes the farm that bears his name and makes himself a messenger of the history that binds man to his people through the unique taste of its products.

Malvasia: family tradition

For Francesco Fenech producing Malvasia delle Lipari is a family tradition.

Already his ancestors, back in '800, were responsible for this activity.

In 1996 Francesco Fenech decided to bottle his product until then sold by him and by his father Antonio in the cellar directly from the barrels.

Since then the company has adopted modern methods of cultivation of land planted with vines and modern machinery for winemaking, storage and bottling of the product. At the same time the company has acquired new land through their purchase and through rental contracts and now has reached the area planted to Malvasia of 7.0 ha, all enrolled in the Doc. The company is certified organic (certification body: CODEX ) and UNI-EN ISO 9000, 9001, 10939 (traceability) and 14000 (certification body: Italian Wine Union). There have been efforts but not long in coming either successes.


Besides the production of Malvasia D.O.C.

  • Perciato Rosso di Sicilia I.G.T.
  • Perciato Bianco di Sicilia I.G.T.
  • Grappa di Malvasia
  • Capperi di Salina

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