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Feudi del Pisciotto, which was one of the largest estate in Sicily, today is both an ancient and new winery for high quality wine production.

The winery includes a new building, the very core of production capable of processing up to 10,000 hectoliters of wine, the ancient Baglio from the Eighteenth century and, aptly restored, the largest Palmento in Sicily.  The word ‘Palmento’ comes from the Latin paumentum, referred to the pressing of the grape into the tanks by gravity, a method judged today as being the most efficient. This method was used by Greeks and Romans and today is still used in steel tanks, paying attention to grapes’ skin.

The vineyards, which have been planted around the property, are at present 40 hectares of the finel 150 and are comprised of the chief indigenous species (from Nero d’Aola to Frappato) and international varieties including Merlot and Cabernet. Giacomo Tachis, together with Alessandro Cellai in his role as managing director of the Tuscan estates of Castellare and Rocca di Frassinello (the joint venture with Domain Baron Rothschild-Lafite), had the inspired idea of also cultivating Semillon and Gewütraminer to be destined for the production of a superior Passito. The old Feudo borders on the Pisciotto Reserve is rich in cork trees and some hundred or so other species.

The first true harvest of the new vineyards took place in 2007. Despite the youth of the vines, astonishing results were achieved from all varieties, a quality deserving of special kind of presentation as defined by the concept of ‘Made in Italy’. Paolo Panerai, who chairs the company through Compagnia Immobiliare Azionaria and is also head of Castellare and Rocca di Frassinello, wanted to unite these wines with the maximum definition of ‘Made in Italy’ itself: fashion design.

With a view to this, Panerai invited top Italian designers to participate in the launch of these great Sicilian Wines; part of the annual proceeds of them will be donated to the restoration of a work of art, chosen from amongst the island great wealth of treasures. This proposal has resulted in labels designd by Versace, Brioni, Giambattista Valli, Missoni, Blumarine, Alberta Ferretti, Gianfranco Ferrè and Carolina Marengo, the youngest designer but already  acclaimed by the Herald Tribune. Maria Grazia Chiuri  and Pier Paolo Piccoli (fronting the Valentino team) have produced a label which immediately evokes the perfuse and vivacious hues of Merlot; Donatella Versace, a lover of the king of Sicilian reds Nero d’Avola, chose the Versace symbol of the Medusa. Anna Molinari, the soul of Blumarine with her soft and harmonious pastels, has designed a abel which marries perfectly with the sweetness of Moscato. The various tones of Sauvignon; the two labels by Carolina Marengo, with her sensual touch, magically appear for Frappato and Grillo. The richly rigorous creativity of Alberta Ferretti finds its natural partner in the grandiose structure of Chardonnay; while the perfect architecture of Gianfranco Ferrè unites magnificently with the complexity of Passito.

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Wine Tasting menu - Feudi del Pisciotto - Feudi del Pisciotto Winery

Wine Tasting menu

The service includes a tour of our new wine cellar and the old Palmento and a 4-courses Gourmet tasting menu by the Chef and 3 glasses of Feudi del Pisciotto wines pair with the meals at our restaurant.

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Wine Experience Plus Tasting - Feudi del Pisciotto - Feudi del Pisciotto Winery

Wine Experience Plus

It proposes a tour of our new wine cellar and the old Palmento and a tasting of 4 wines from our wine cellar pairing it with the Chef's specialities.

per person
including VAT