Filari della Rocca

About us

Fifteen hectares of fertile land that extend over one of the most fascinating areas of Sicily.
Between the two nature reserves and the archaeological sites of Adranone and Calatamauro, on the slopes of the Rocca di Entella, stands the agricultural estate of the Benanti - Guarino family.
More than forty years of history and hard work now in its third generation.
Thus were born the FILARI DELLA ROCCA. The union of the tradition of an excellent quality organic production with a strong focus on innovation processes, respect for consumers, and the authenticity of the products.
The production process remains largely manual, in compliance with organic production regulations. For this reason the oil and the Wines FILARI DELLA ROCCA still maintain the characteristics of fragrance, authenticity and flavor that have made our land famous all over the world.
Small quantities, attention to detail and respect for nature.

Our farm