I Vigneri di Salvo Foti

About us

I Vigneri is today the name of the winery of Salvo Foti and a group of indigenous winemakers from Etna, true professionals of the vineyard.

I Vigneri is the synthesis of more than thirty years of experience in Eastern Sicily, through historical, social and technical research aimed at a viticulture of "excellence".

Trying to use non-invasive tools and systems, respecting, where possible, the tradition, their ancient vines, without making huge changes dictated by ambition, selfishness or omnipotence.

The spirit of work and the pleasure of working well and doing, without frenzy, in harmony first of all with themselves and then with everything that surrounds us: environment, nature, the volcano Etna, of which you are a part, not above.

Our winery

The vineyards of I Vigneri are not super ordered and super homogeneous but represent our territory and everything in the territory.

It’s like in a population where all the stages of a man’s life and all the cultural and social expressions, which together create a civilization, are represented.

So in our vineyards coexist young, less young and old vines and different varieties and clones.

Each of them brings something and all together they participate in creating a typical and unique wine.

The constant presence of the vineyards is a great biodiversity that is repeated even more among the wild herbs on the edges of the fields.

In these years has made a patient recovery of local vines and a gradual replanting, necessary for the fact that points of vineyard have long exceeded 100 years

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