Luna Sicana

About us

Luna Sicana was born from a new love for Sicily, an ancient and productive land that has enchanted travellers for centuries and has been chosen by many to be their home. Located in a valley close to Casteltermini, Agrigento, Luna Sicana began its adventure in 2008, with a burning desire to maximize all the potential of this wonderful land. Its goal is to cultivate and enhance existing vineyards, olive trees, pistachio trees and new crops. High quality standards throughout the production process will guarantee the fulfilment of the vision of making Luna Sicana a new reality in an ancient world.

Our winery

Our present focus is the production of high quality wine from our local vineyards. This distinctive wine is the result of several unique characteristics of this land. 
First, the constant presence of the wind prevents humidity condensation. In this way we avoid most of the diseases normally encountered in wine making. The result is an organic, highly digestable healthy wine. We forecast to be certified organic in the near future. Second, a 25 degrees temperature difference between day and night in the summer months promotes a variety of aromas which give personality and elegance to the wine. Lastly the presence of salt in the soil prevents the full ripening of the grape. This leads to a high acidity which is critical to the aroma of the wine. The same process is used in the production of champagne.

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