Madaudo winery

About us

Four generations of the Madaudo family that intertwine with the viticultural history of Sicily.

Even before 1945, Nonno Alfio and later Nonno Rosario were among the first to believe and invest in the selection, bottling and marketing of wines produced exclusively from native Sicilian grapes.

Sustainability, traceability, quality protection and enhancement of the territory: this has been the Madaudo philosophy for almost se- venty years. The sole aim is quality, thanks to the fertile lands of Sicily and the natural features of the vineyards, interpreted and effected in different ways, from steel to wood, from sparkling fermentation in still tanks to refermentation in the bottle with the Champenoise Method, to enhance the multifaceted personality of each grape variety.

Over the years, the company has invested in human resources, technology, marketing and communication and today its headquar- ters are situated in Villafranca Tirrena, in the province of Messina. The company’s advanced technological plant and equipment allow a production of about 6 thousand bottles per hour and an annual average of 8 million bottles of IGT, DOC, DOCG, sparkling wines and sparkling wines sold trough out Italy and abroad in GDO and in the Ho.Re.Ca.


“All the liveliness of Sicilian bubbles”. Palaverve, in the province of Messina, is the welcome room of the winery. A space designed to assist in all phases of sparkling wine, encouraging the culture of good drinking and good cooking that are typical of the Messina tradition.

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