Maltese winery

About us

The Maltese Company is located in the heart of Western Sicily, where the hills slope gently toward the sea and the sun and the wind reign uncontested. The current owner Gianfranco is descended from 6 generations dedicated to the cultivation of fine vines, and since 2004 has decided to continue the family tradition by enhancing his country's land and engaging in the preservation of the environment until he obtains for his business Biological Agriculture Certification. In addition to respect for the Sicilian countryside tradition and nature, the company has been supporting the research and experimentation of specific pruning techniques that allow the quality of the grapes to be harmonized with the territory rather than the quantitative yield. It is from such a commitment and passion and attention to the raw material that the products of the Maltese company derive those characteristics of excellence and uniqueness that are appreciated both in Italy and abroad.

Our farm

Our room

Casa MALTESE Room - Maltese winery - Gianfranco Maltese Farm


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