Martinez winery

About us

Martinez winery is located in Marsala, a small town situated in the extreme western part of Sicily: Capo Boeo. This area stands in the “sunbelt”, between 34° and 43° parallel, where the constantly ventilated mild sea climate and the restrained temperature range during the seasons have naturally generated an excellent environment for Marsala and other fortified wines.
Here in Marsala Carlo Martinez founded his winery in 1866 and entrusted to future generations, which now have reached the sixth step, the care of the tradition of Marsala and the duty of renewing the presence of Martinez Brand on the market with energy and dynamism.
Marsala wines are just the main part of Martinez identity and represent the core of the range that get completed with the valuable line of fortified wines I.G.P. Sicilia “Laus” (Zibibbo, Moscato and Malvasia), “Jemara” (Passito di Pantelleria D.O.P.) and “Menhir” (Pantelleria Passito Liquoroso D.O.P.) sons of the extraordinary production area of Pantelleria island.

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