Palmento Costanzo

About us

Palmento Costanzo is an Etna Winery inside the Natural Park of Mount Etna.

Located in the Village of Passopisciaro, a small pearl set on the lava of the northern slope of Etna. The Etna Winery is located in Contrada Santo Spirito in the comune of Castiglione di Sicilia, which has been recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in all Italy.

Our passion for this land directs every part of our company philosophy. We pay homage to the first winemakers who painstakingly wove the history of Etna’s viticultural heritage into the landscape.

We are attentive to the traditional values and the high quality of grapes that can arrive from encourages biodiversity and sustainable practices. Palmento Costanzo produces fine wines that express the potential of the territory through manual cultivation and strict organic practices.

Our Etna Winery values can be experienced in every bottle of wine we make. In each sip you find our deep respect for the environment, the climatic and morphological peculiarities within our vineyards, and an honest expression of Mount Etna’s unique terroir.

Our farm

Palmento Costanzo is located in Contrada Santo Spirito, in Passopisciaro village, on the northern side of Mount Etna. For centuries grapes of Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Carricante and Catarratto have been grown here. Today we farm organically and all the labor is done manually abiding traditions which are our core values.

Over one hundred terraces - a long series of dry stone walls – along a volcano rising from 600 to 800 metres above the sea level host our old vines which are bush-trained on typical chestnut poles. This unique land surrounds the ancient millstone winery that has been brought back to life thanks to a conservative restoration project based on the principles of bioarchitecture.

This is our home, where our Etna DOC wines are born: an authentic expression of the largest active volcano in Europe. 

Our taste itineraries

Wine&Food Experience Tasting - Palmento Costanzo - Palmento Costanzo Farm

Wine&Food Experience

Tour in wineyard and cellar, then wine tasting 4 glasses of wine paired with 4 traditional dishes.

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Contrada tasting - Palmento Costanzo - Palmento Costanzo Farm

Contrada tasting

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Linea di sei tasting - Palmento Costanzo - Palmento Costanzo Farm

Linea di sei tasting

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Classical Tasting - Palmento Costanzo - Palmento Costanzo Farm

Classical Tasting

The visit begins with a walk through our typical vineyards, where vines are densely planted on stony terraces and trained on the traditional “alberello” system, to our "Palmento". Then follows a wine tasting of our classic line.

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Our room

Casa Prefillossera Room - Palmento Costanzo - Palmento Costanzo Farm

Casa Prefillossera

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