Possente winery

About us

Longtime experience, great determination and heartfelt respect for the territory: the Possente winery interprets in the best possible way the natural wine vocation of the territory of Trapani, giving life to red wines full of intense flavor and white wines with authentic taste. Indigenous and international grape varieties in which the thousand-year-old knowledge of the local vinegrowers, traditionally handed down from father to son, is reflected in the passion, the talent, and the expertise that the Possente family has been putting in the wine production for years.

Working the soil with passion, trying to capture in the wine those scents, colors and tastes that one can smell, see and feel. From the combination of indigenous grape varieties such as Nero d’Avola, Catarratto, and Grillo with international grape varieties like Syrah and Cabernet the Possente wines are created. Time seems to be suspended among the vineyards in Alcamo and Salaparuta, where history, culture and wine tradition are intertwined, making this territory and its wines unique. 

Our winery

The Possente flag waves in the province of Trapani. In the biggest vinicultural area in Europe, at altitudes of almost 400 meters above the sea level, vines grow luxuriant, thanks to the typical Mediterranean climate. Small portions of quality with their variegated morphology and their peculiar micro-climate. Along the slopes crossing the hills, sandy and chalky soils coexist. 37 hectares of vineyards, located between Alcamo and Salaparuta, in which the terroir gives an intense and strong taste to the wines. These are the territories in which Possente’s wines are born, becoming the expression of the vinicultural vocation which has always belonged to these places.