Tenute Bosco

About us

The landscape is the archaic one of Mount Etna. Tenute Bosco’s properties lay upon the slopes of the estates of Piano dei Daini in Solicchiata and Santo Spirito in Passopisciaro, at an altitude of 700 meters a.s.l., on a vineyard surface of about 10 hectares. Among these, 4 hectares trained as “alberello”, traditional free standing method, ungrafted and pre-phylloxera vines, more than 120 years old. The history of Solicchiata estate's are found in documents that date back to 1669.  Abate Coniglio of Castiglione describes it as an area of vineyards and “palmenti”. The recovery of the property started in 2010, thanks to the work of Sofia Bosco and her husband who made them the places of their passion and art: the revival of traditions and respect for the terroir, for the production of indigenous Etna wines of the highest quality.

Our winery

A true rural tradition inspires our vineyards of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio, mainly grown as “alberello”, traditional free standing method, and framed by black dry-stone walls. Our vineyards are :

Vigne Vico in Passopisciaro, an ancient and valuable pre-phylloxera vineyard: 27.000 plants of Nerello Mascalese and 3.000 plants of Carricante, implanted in the late 1800’s and grown as “alberello”, traditional free standing method, on a surface of 4 hectares with an average spacing of 1,2 sq m. The vineyard is implanted with ungrafted vines on a terrain that was recovered from the lava flow that followed the eruption of 1600’s.

Vigne Curve, in Solicchiata: 19.000 plants of Nerello Mascalese and Carricante trained as espalier, with cordon spur pruning, on a surface of 6 hectares with an  average spacing of 2,5 m between rows, 0,9 m between plants.