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About us

In 1972 Salvatore Zumbo started an innovative wine project, planting among the first specialized vineyards of Etna, in the district of Santo Spirito a c.ca 750 m a.s.l.. With the first five hectares planted with espalier and bred in spurred cordon, he becomes the forerunner of modern Etnean viticulture that until then was dominated by the sapling.

Salvatore set himself the goal of recalling the fame and prestige of the wine production of the DOC Etna, which has been in decline for many years. In the Santo Spirito district, he planted 14,000 wild vines that he grafted with gems from centuries-old vineyards, cultivated on the slopes of the volcano. The farsightedness of planting quality vineyards, when many abandoned them, makes the Zumbo family a full member of the historic producers of Etna.

The sisters Erica and Ramona, proud of the pioneering work of their grandfather Salvatore, with great passion come over the years to a conservative approach, both in the cellar and in the vineyard, becoming for them a real lifestyle.

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