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A suggestive walk among the vines, the dry walls and the nature of Monte Gorna district, the volcanic conetto turned off at the foot of Etna on which stands the most beautiful vineyards of Cantine Nicosia, from which you can admire the beauty of a unique territory. After visiting the vineyard and its ancient lava stone palm, we will continue with the tour in the cellar and then return to wander through the rows of Monte Gorna, but this time comfortably sitting with the glass in hand. We will taste 5 of the best labels of Tenute Nicosia selections under the expert guidance of our Sommelier, in a real wine-sensory and eno-gastronomic path that will also provide the pairing of wines with food.

To accompany the bubbles, whites and reds of Etna a tasty selection of local products, such as cold cuts, historic Sicilian cheeses, Slow Food and other typical products.