TIMES  From 10.30 am to 4 pm


The Technical Etna Wine Tasting and Vineyard Visit is a must-do in order to get to know the wine production on Europe’s highest active volcano. You will learn about our artisan wines, naturally sulfite-free, as the result of organic cultivation in line with tradition and of fermentation by spontaneous yeasts.

During the first part of the experience, a local expert will guide you through the vineyard. As you walk along the rows of grapevine at the foot of Etna, you will witness our passion for a conscious production in harmony with nature; our system is indeed totally sustainable and plastic-free,  basing on organic and traditional cultivation methods. The whole vineyard is an actual example of the cultivar ad alberello (sapling vine system); you will be able to see and touch firsthand this characteristic of the Etnean production which stands for quality.

Then, together with our staff, you will walk back to the ancient Palmento, where the experience will continue with the technical Etna wine tasting: you will sample our three wines paired with grissini and Etna evo oil.

A sommelier will lead you through the tasting of our wines: Biancopiglio, Rossobrillo e Neromagno. We will furthermore supply a spec sheet for each label.

Payment methods and conditions

Online with credit/debit card, through Stripe platform, required in order to confirm your booking, within 48 hours of the approval and within the date and time of the booked experience.

Upon request, we can also provide a shorter formula which includes a tasting of 2 wines at a price of €8 per person.

Cancellation/modification policy


You can request cancellation and get a full refund of what you paid online until the closest date between:

  • 4 days before the booked experience;
  • 179 days after the first successful online payment.

After this date you will get no refund.

Change to the number of people

Until the date previously specified you can:

  • request to decrease the number of paying people and get a refund for the removed people;
  • request to increase the number of paying people and only pay sums for added people.

After the previously specified date, you will get no refund and you will not be able to add more people.