Reservation with the number of guests must be confirmed at least 2 days before.


Visit to the vineyards and the country house:

"Le Nez Du Vin" discovery of wine aromas The white Inzolia Hismael tasting pairing with:

  • pie couscous with prawns and basil aroma;
  • parsley fritters with albacore;
  • vgreedy of raw albacore with pink onion;

The tasting of red Doc Faro Rasocolmo pairing with:

  • puff with peppery, flavored with lemmon
  • tricolor: crouton 'nduja with fresh ricotta cheese and salad the fryed by Mariooooo
  • "Mucciato": seasonal vegetables wrapped in phyllo dough
  • Platters of black pork sausages and the Tenuta Rasocolmo olive oil "Don Gabriele"

The sweet: "Ciancicato": sicilian cannolo with ricotta, flavored with cinnamon sweet wine.

The Gourmet tasting comes from a successful partnership between the "winegrower" and the chef Giancarlo La Spada from Antica Badia Restourant in Messina.