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Our farm includes a very suggestive natural, archaeological and anthropological site, a set of wonders that can be visited in half a day. Easy to travel, the Cava Paradiso is the right destination for those who want to know the karst valleys, a geological phenomenon that, in the regional context, is found only in this part of Sicily. The waters of the Prainito river stream feed a forest of great scientific interest and allow you to find the desired refreshment. Flora is an explosion of over 700 species. The oldest presence of man is attested by a necropolis of cave tombs dating back to the Ancient Bronze Age (2300-1450 BC). Some tombs present the first forms of monumentalization expressed in prehistoric times. Mills, limestone, canals, steps carved into the rock and a rock church are discovered along the way. Here nature and landscape express a disarming beauty in power and grace, and a silence that allows everyone to discover and connect with the truest things in life.

The visit includes a guided excursion by a professional naturalist guide, a walk through the vineyards, a visit to the cellar and a tasting of 4 wines, accompanied by bread and extra virgin olive oil, cheeses and other typical Sicilian products.

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