A fascinating sensory journey through 5 unique grape varieties paired with 5 Sicilian street food specialties begins with a stroll through the vineyards of the winery. It continues with a visit to the cellar and concludes with the tasting of 5 exceptional wines.

The wines that will be tasted during the journey are:

  • Sophia Catarratto BIO, IGP Terre Siciliane
  • Bianca di Corte, Inzolia/Chardonnay DOP Sicilia
  • Quattro Canti Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon DOP Sicilia
  • Sophia Nero d'Avola BIO, DOP Sicilia
  • Zhara Passito IGP Terre Siciliane

Each wine will be paired with a Sicilian finger  food specialty, creating a complete and unforgettable tasting experience.

Payment methods and conditions

Online with credit/debit card, through Stripe platform, required in order to confirm your booking, after the approval, within 48 hours and anyway within half the time remaining before the booked experience.

Cancellation/modification policy

General booking terms and conditions for a guided tour:

- Serving alcoholic beverages to individuals under 18 years old is not allowed.

- Tastings are only available for adults.

- We cannot be held responsible if any allergies, food intolerances, or specific requirements are not communicated in advance during the booking process.

- All prices include VAT.

- For online purchases, the advance payment made is considered as a deposit.

- The reservation will be confirmed only after written communication (email) from Principe di Corleone.

General terms and conditions for modifying or canceling a guided tour booking:

- Any modifications should be communicated within 3 working days from the tour date, providing the name, surname, and booking code.

- If communicated within the aforementioned timeframe, any reduction in the number of participants or changes in the tasting type will be refunded directly to the original credit card used. Otherwise, Principe di Corleone will retain the due amount.

- In case of changes to the tasting type and/or an increase in the number of participants, the modification to the booking needs to be confirmed by Principe di Corleone.

- Cancellations should be communicated through the user area. If received within 3 working days, the full amount will be refunded directly to the original credit card used. Otherwise, Principe di Corleone will retain the total amount.

Force majeure:

- Principe di Corleone reserves the right to change the event location or cancel the event at any time due to force majeure and/or impossibility (including, but not limited to, weather conditions that make organizing the event impossible, impediments caused by the Covid-19 emergency, etc.). Participants will receive a full refund via the same payment method used for the purchase, whether the event is canceled or the change in location prevents the buyer from participating in the tasting tour.

General Visitor Rules of Conduct:

- Visitors are kindly requested to arrive 20 minutes prior to the tour start time for check-in purposes.

- The tour schedule is fixed and cannot be modified.

- Access to the facility premises is only permitted when accompanied by authorized personnel.

- All visitors must always follow the instructions of their guides. Specifically, it is necessary to:

> Pay utmost attention to moving vehicles (e. g., forklifts).

> In case of emergency (fire, natural disasters, etc.), remain calm, stay close to the guide, follow their instructions, and use the designated emergency exits as indicated by signage.


You can request cancellation and get a full refund of what you paid online until the closest deadline between:

  • 3 days before the booked experience;
  • 179 days after the first successful online payment.

After this deadline you will get no refund.

Change to the number of people

Until the previously specified deadline you can:

  • request to decrease the number of paying people and get a refund for the removed people;
  • request to increase the number of paying people and only pay sums for added people.

After the previously specified deadline, you will get no refund and you will not be able to add more people.