Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 14:00


The experience is organized as follows:

When the guests arrive at the winery we welcome them with an introductory presentation of the company 

We then talk about the main protagonist of the visit: the nero d'avola grape

at the beginning of the visit is possible to taste the must (grape juice) or the grapes

After an explanation and analysis of the vine, the tasting of three different vintages will begin:

- during the tasting of the first vintage we explain all the processes and the work we do during the harvest time

- during the taste of the second vintage we make an olfactory analysis and we compare the nose of the wine with flowers and/or essences 

- during the taste of the third vintage we make a tasting analysis and we compare the flavours present in the wine with fruits to highlight the perfumes in the wine 

the wine tasting is accompanying by Sicilian lunch and appetizers

Then the guest could bottling, capping and labelling a bottle of Nero d'avola , with the possibility of personalizing the label with the name and date of visit, ensuring a unique souvenir of the winery visit.

a group picture with polaroid

Payment methods and conditions

The following payment methods are accepted:

  • Cash, when you arrive at the winery.
  • Credit/debit card, when you arrive at the winery.
  • Bank transfer in advance

It is possible to pay in cash or by credit card directly in the structure