THE VINEYARD, allows you to experiment with your hands, to experience the hardships and joys of a day at the winery. 

You will be in the cellar early in the morning where you will be served an excellent Breakfast which is the most important meal of the day, it will give you the charge to face the hard work of the VINEYARD.

You will go around the VINEYARDS and the ULIVETI with the tools supplied by us together with our workers. 

You will have lunch with us with a first course of typical IBLEO pasta, followed by a second course of meat. 

You will taste our wines like: CERASUOLO DI VITTORIA, NERO D'AVOLA, FRAPPATO, SUD etc.

The fruit will be harvested on the same day. 

Typical Sicilian dessert like Ricotta Cannolo, Mostata, Almond Paste. 

You will continue your working day with the rest of TEAM TASTING BASTONACA and you will conclude the evening with an Apericena, admiring a suggestive sunset, a magnificent VULCANO ETNA and finally you will be able to say that you have done the VINEYARD for a day.

Payment methods and conditions

The following payment methods are accepted:

  • Cash, when you arrive at the winery.
  • Credit/debit card, when you arrive at the winery.
  • Bank transfer in advance