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Old traditions of an important family are still handed down today and is for this reason that Tenute Mannino di Plachi offer always the same quality in all the products and in all service.

Ones of the three locations of Tenute Mannino di Plachi is Le Sciarelle, in the south side of Mount Etna in Viagrande deep in a unique “terroir”. Le Sciarelle is the first location where in 1730 the family start his wine experience. Le Sciarelle takes it’s name from “sciare”, terraces of lava made from what was called “Aetna”, the biggest volcano of Europe that offer complex and structured wine that has a big succes in the international wine scene. Inside the agriturism there is a wonderful villa with even some rural part like the “Palmento” a structure used in the past for the transformation of grapes into wine and the old cellar where today we offer turistic services inside. Le Sciarelle with his sun exposition is perfect for the coltivation of white grapes like Carricante and Catarratto instead the red grape is in the vineyard that we have in the north side of the volcano.

The wine experience in Le Sciarelle start with a nice walk through our vineyard and then we start to tell you our history, our family, our land and our wines. During the wine tasting you will have all the most important informations about the production of our wine.

wine tasting of  4 etna wines, etna Doc red, etna Doc rose, Etna doc white, included our Etna DOC Red CRU and selection of tipical sicilian products, our marmalade and salty cream (citrus, avocado and vegetables), home made bread dressed with evo oil

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