“Pellegrino Ouverture” Winery

Cantine Pellegrino

Our winery

When we reach Marsala, we enter the soul of the Pellegrino family through the modern wine shop named Ouverture, with the sea behind us.

To talk about Marsala, we need to experience it, to peer at it with curious eyes at sunrise, when the sky reflects on the salt marshes and the warmth of the morning brings colours of gold, amber and pink blending together among the quiet waters of the sea. If you let your imagination fly, on closing your eyes, you will be able to hear the light rocking of the pastel coloured wooden boats.

Marsala is a town of artisans, kissed by nature’s laborious and fertile generosity. The legendary Capo Boeo rises in the heart of the Mediterranean. On one side it is protected by Erice, and on the other, embraced by Segesta and Selinunte, it looks towards the nearby Egadi islands and Africa.

If Marsala is so famous today for its wines, credit is due to nature, but overall to the respect that the farming culture has for it, a culture that has met the entrepreneurial spirit of illuminated men, able to enhance and protect its value over time.

Our taste itinerary

Discovering Sicily Tasting - Cantine Pellegrino - Pellegrino Ouverture Winery

Discovering Sicily

An exclusive tour of the Historical Cellars with tasting of one white wine, one red wine, two Marsala wines and one Passito from Pantelleria accompanied by local food bites.

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