“Donnafugata Marsala” Winery


Our winery

The historic family cellars in Marsala, host a dynamic production reality focused on excellence. Built in 1851, they preserve the typical Mediterranean “baglio” layout  with a large inner courtyard, dotted with citrus and olive trees, and wooden trusses made by ancient hatchet craftsmen. Here the cellar processes involve the use of technologies that respect the intrinsic characteristics of musts and wines. Depending on the production purposes, ageing can take place in steel, cement or wood, while for bottling the company is equipped with the best technologies to preserve the quality of the wines. In general, the company pursues maximum energy saving by insulating the tanks and the temperature-controlled rooms. 

Donnafugata’s pride and joy is the underground barrique cellar, dug into the tuff rock to minimize the energy consumption necessary to maintain the desired parameters of temperature (15°C) and humidity (85%) for optimal aging in wood. 

For wines that focus on elegance and longevity, such as Mille e una Notte, Tancredi, Angheli and Chiarandà, ageing in French oak barriques is a process that requires the utmost attention to detail. In order to respect the peculiarities of the individual grape varieties and to enhance their potential for evolution, about 20 different types of wood are selected from the best cooperage for the grain of the staves, method and intensity of toasting. The organoleptic evolution of the ageing wines is followed by repeated tasting and controls.

Considering the importance of the production site, Donnafugata began the study of its Water Footprint in 2019 in the historic cellars of Marsala.

The historic cellars have a wine shop and an enoteca dedicated to visitors who are welcomed all year round for tastings and guided tours.