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Florio has created a new concept of winery, an engaging place to live a unique experience and become the protagonist of an unexpected world. The historic Florio Wineries of Marsala open to visitors to offer them a journey full of charm and suggestions, through which to explore a sophisticated and unexpected world.

Built in 1832 by Vincenzo Florio in stone, the Florio Wineries of Marsala reflect the typically Anglo-Saxon style of the era, with wide pointed arches and a floor made of "battuto" of tufo dust. The structure of the baglio, which covers about 44,000 square meters of surface, represents the heart of production: from here once the ships of the Florio company set sail with the precious nectar and here, even today, the most famous fortified wine in the world is produced. These wineries surprise the visitor with their majesty: 165 meters long for each nave and 104 arches, under which 1,400 caratelli and about 600 barrels and vats of different capacities are aligned. The wineries are also enriched by three salons in front of the barrels, communicating with each other, restored and air-conditioned. These welcoming and charming rooms are the ideal destination for organizing unique events.

The Donna Franca and Duca Enrico Tasting Rooms are born from a new conception of the winery space and from an evolved vision of tasting that, from a moment of pleasure, becomes a suggestive and theatrical experience that engages all the senses by stimulating them with colors, sounds and smells.

The Enoteca is an avant-garde and unique space in Italy that houses the wines of Duca di Salaparuta, Corvo and Florio and a selection of local delicacies. The visitor is stimulated by a plurality of emotions, sensations and stimuli that derive not only from the variety of products on display, but also from the architecture and design of the Enoteca itself, located in one of the naves of the winery. Every detail in the Florio Enoteca, from the lighting to the furniture, from the musical choices to the design accessories, has been designed to envelop and engage the guest in a surprising universe and guide them to the discovery of sensations and emotions never experienced before. A large and bright place where time seems suspended and invites you to get lost, without haste, in the contemplation of the wines and the works of art present and to continue to savor the taste of an extraordinary experience.

The Florio Terrace is a quiet, sea-facing, contemporary and elegant place where you can enjoy the light, the wind and the splendid view while tasting the wines of Duca di Salaparuta, Corvo and Florio. A perfect space to organize tastings, exclusive events or the most romantic of evenings, enjoying a magical sunset.

Florio Wineries: the charm of Marsala wine. The visit to Florio Wineries

Florio Wineries are open to the public for guided tours. During the tour, visitors can learn about the history of the company, visit the wineries and taste the wines.