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We are Sicilians that love the own land

We are Sicilians that love the own land, we aim at contributing to the promotion and dissemination of the Sicilian wine culture creating original and innovative contents through web marketing strategies that give visibility to our partners on the web.

Winery Tasting Sicily was created with the aim of promoting wine tourism in Sicily through the knowledge of the wine produced by the Sicilian wineries, we therefore recommend where to taste the good wine in different restaurants and wineries, describing local dishes prepared by Sicilian chefs or typical Sicilian recipes. In our portal you have the possibility to book tastings tour in order to experience an unique stay in our Island.

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The winegrowing area of the Sicily includes also the Aeolian islands and Pantelleria.

The surface planted with vines is one of the greatest in Italy.

The Sicilian territory is hilly for about 60 %, mountainous for 25 % and flat for the remaining by the 15 %.

In Sicily the vine-growing and wine-producing well developed during the past twenty years obtaining unthinkable results in the oenological sector.

The structure of Sicily’s wines is both due to the type of vines and to the pedoclimatic environment, but also to the qualitative improvement and to the refining of the oenological techniques which have awarded the products in foreign markets.

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