Sicilian wines tasting in cellar

Take a look at the best wine of Sicily

Wine is one of the typical products of Sicily very much known, admired and exported all over the world. When it comes to Sicilian wine producers we think of some unique production zones as Val di Mazzara, Val Demone, Valley of the Temples, Valley of the Sicani, Etna Valley and Val di Noto which have traditions and quality in the autochthonous vines.

If you are winelovers, in Sicily you will have the possibility to taste prestigious labels and excellent wines combined with local typical products that will amaze you with their flavors and inimitable tastes. Tastings are organised by wineries, restaurants but also by the same wine producers. The possibility of getting to know directly the producer, to taste the wines in cellar and to visit the vineyards, is an unique experience that we suggest to try out especially for the one who loves the good wine.

Where to go to taste wine in Sicily?

In order to discover all the wineries of Sicily and to taste the good wine you need to know the different realities on the Sicilian territory, the Sicilian autochthonous vines, and the wines with different tastes that are produced in several geographic zones. Just click here in Winery Tasting Sicily Portal to look at the list of the producers who offer wines tastings in cellar.

Sicilian wines tasting Etna
wine tasting sicily in cellar

How to discover the characteristics of wine with Tasting

Wine tasting is certainly an interesting activity which is worth being lived intensely and with attention to let know what are the best and worst characteristics of wine. The first step for wine tasting is the visual examination that very often can confirm the other olfactory and taste phases. In tasting we visually examine three very important characteristics of wine: clarity, colour and structure.

At first hold the glass up to the light tilting it at 45° (if possible in a white background as a tablecloth) and looking at it from the top downwards in order to see if it results to be clear, crystalline, veiled or quite clear. Next step is the olfactory examination, bring the glass close to nose and inhale gently, then take it away for a limited period to feel the olfactory properties while rotating the glass. The gustatory examination concludes our wine tasting and now we can formulate and express our opinion about the wine tasted.