Cantine Barbera

About us

My name is Marilena Barbera and I am a winegrower. I live and make my wines in Menfi, Sicily.

Making wine is my life choice. When I got back to Sicily after years I had spent somewhere else, I found the vineyards and my father’s dream. I took his dream and made it mine.
To live here, to feel the energy of this beautiful though difficult land, trying to understand its essence and to capture its generous personality.
To be witness and guardian of terroir, preserving its integrity, absorbing its strength and richness, trying to transfer to my wines its profound and fascinating spirit. 
No tricks, no frills. Just wine.

Our winery

Tenuta Belicello

If you want to understand my wines you need to see the ocean.
The boundless deep blue sea, the white, yellow and ochre beach that stretches for dozens and dozens of miles, the beautiful sandy dunes shaped by fresh breezes, covered with wild lilies and canes and reeds and tamarisks, where small black beetles draw endless doodles, where turtles lay their eggs, where gray herons and all sorts of birds come to rest during their neverending migrations.

Vines living so close to the ocean that they can turn sea brine into vibrant salinity. Vineyards that enjoy mild winters and warm dry summers, and amazing temperature ranges between night and day. Ripe berries, tasty and sweet, that smell of sunshine and of a gentle Mediterranean wind.