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We are in the heart of the Mediterranean, between the East and West, North and South, the hot sirocco winds and the harsh northerly winds, the prickly pears trees and the olives groves.

Located in the heart of Baroque Sicily in the wonderful countryside between Noto and Pachino.

Without fail, Sicily always manages to win over the hearts of those who think they will only stay for a brief time – and end up planting solid roots.

This is exactly what happened to Antonio Moretti Cuseri, already owner of Tenuta Sette Ponti in Tuscany, when he visited the Val di Noto in the late 1990s. He was absolutely enchanted by Sicily’s famous Baroque style and the warm waters of the sea. He fell madly in love, so much so that he planned to begin a new adventure here, creating one of the most exciting viticulture businesses in the area. Antonio Moretti Cuseri has managed to put together 250 hectares of property – along the cliffs and beaches of this southernmost sliver of land – purchasing pieces of land from various owners, mound of earth upon mound of earth in Noto, Sicily, the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Maccari is the center of it all; it is here that the vineyards overlook the natural oasis of Vendicari, having now experienced about thirty harvests under the sun.

Antonio Moretti Cuseri immediately focused on native grape varieties like Nero d’Avola, Grillo, and Moscato di Noto, as well as international ones like Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, able to bring a fruity elegance and rich minerality. What’s more, the proximity to the sea and the limestone-rich soil make this area perfect for quality winemaking. It is no surprise that Nero d’Avola came to life right in this area between Avola and Pachino, in the province of Siracusa, a Greek colony from the 8th century BC. Nero d’Avola is one of the great grape varieties of southern Italy.

Individuals and groups enter our property surrounded by prickly pear bushes and the wonderful shade offered by olive and flowering almond trees. Visitors can make reservations to visit the wine cellar, to taste and learn more about the wines, the result of painstaking work and of the abundant and fertile soils, rich in limestone, which grow oranges, lemons, Pachino tomatoes, vegetables, olives, and grapes. 

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Wine Tasting Val Di Noto - Feudo Maccari

Wine Tasting Val Di Noto

5 Wines Tasting with "Feudo Maccari" aperitif

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Wine Tasting Light Val Di Noto - Feudo Maccari

Wine Tasting Light Val Di Noto

4 Wines Tasting with light "Feudo Maccari" aperitif

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3 Wine Tasting - Feudo Maccari

3 Wine Tasting

A visit to Feudo Maccari includes an explanation of the traditional head-training system, terroir, microclimate, and how all of this influences the wine. We will also talk about our production philosophy, the harvesting and vinification processes, and will visit to the barrel room. The tour ends with a guided tasting of a selection of our wines.

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