For a more pleasant experience please inform us:

-Presence of children and their ages

-Food intolerances or allergies

-Vegetarian or vegan diet

-participation of people with disabilities.

If on the day of the tasting someone celebrates his birthday, program in Cantina Chitarra a dedicated surprise.


Welcome to the exciting world of wine tourism at Cantina Chitarra near Marsala. Discover our unique offering, the "CRU EXPERIENCE" a sensory journey through the flavors and wine traditions of Sicily.

Unique Cantina Chitarra Tasting Experience

Let yourself be seduced by the enveloping aromas and intoxicating flavors of our carefully selected wines. The "CRU EXPERIENCE" offers an extraordinary tasting of 4 carefully chosen wines directly from Cantina Chitarra, accompanied by a surprising dessert wine. The wines in the tasting include:

Cantina Chitarra Whites:

  1. Grillo Superiore: This elegant and fresh white is a true expression of Sicilian terroir. Taste its complexity of fruity and floral aromas.

  2. Chardonnay Superiore: A rich and enveloping white that will take you on a flavor journey, with notes of tropical fruit and a pleasant acidity.

Cantina Chitarra Reds:

  1. Nero d'Avola Late Harvest: A robust and fruity red with a pleasant softness and notes of ripe cherry.

  2. Nero d'Avola Riserva: Our most prestigious wine, aged with care to offer you a complexity of flavors and a persistent finish.

1 Dessert Wine: Conclude your experience with a sweet masterpiece, our dessert wine, a golden nectar with notes of dried fruit and honey, a true delight for the palate.

Exquisite Sicilian Street Food

To complete your culinary journey, we offer an exceptional selection of Sicilian street food, perfectly paired with our wines. Taste local delicacies such as arancini, panelle, cannoli, and other delights that will captivate your spirit and palate.

Guided Tour of the Winery and Cellar

The experience goes beyond tasting. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of Cantina Chitarra with a guided tour of the winery and cellar, where you will discover the wine production process and the importance of Sicilian wine traditions.


Payment methods and conditions

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Cancellation/modification policy


You can request cancellation and get a full refund of what you paid online until the closest deadline between:

  • 7 days before the booked experience;
  • 179 days after the first successful online payment.

After this deadline you will get no refund.

Change to the number of people

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