Marco De Bartoli

About us

The winery Marco De Bartoli is twelve kilometers far from Marsala, in that land of Sicily that is great in every and all representations, for better or for worse; hard land of hard men, of families settled on the territory. Marco De Bartoli has signs of these every day fights, but he has won against all odds, with the tenacious, stubborn conviction of being right, and in order to demonstrate it, he speaks a lot, as it is common in Sicily, not to speak about himself, but to allow me to drink: here it is his greatest evidence.
Today he has a family of which he is proud of: Renato and Sebastiano, sons, are quite adults, while Josephine, the younger daughter, inherited the name of his great-grandmother, of French origins. He is proud of his origin too, as his father produced wine as well.

Our wineries

Marco De Bartoli - Bukkuram winery: Marco De Bartoli in Pantelleria

Bukkuram winery: Marco De Bartoli in Pantelleria

Via S. Michele, 91017 Pantelleria TP
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Marco De Bartoli - Samperi winery: Marco De Bartoli in Marsala

Samperi winery: Marco De Bartoli in Marsala

Contrada Fornara Samperi, 292, 91025 Marsala TP
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