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The itinerary starts inside Ouverture, a modern and bright building, overlooking the fascinating landscape of Egadi Islands and it continues inside the Historical Cellars, along rows of oak barrels that represent this wine temple and. Here you experience history and can come out memories, emotions and feelings of a time that seems to have stopped several centuries ago. During the tour there are various rooms that contain treasures and traditions, from the Sicilian Carts Room to the Master Cooper Museum, up to the Punic Ship Room. Once you come back to Ouverture you can taste a special selection of five wines obtained from local Sicilian grape varieties: two white wines, a red wine, a Marsala wine and a Passito from Pantelleria accompanied by small food matches.

Payment methods and conditions

The following payment methods are accepted:

  • Cash, when you arrive at the winery.
  • Credit/debit card, when you arrive at the winery.

Cancellation/modification policy

Terms and conditions:

1) All prices include VAT.
2) Wine tastings are foreseen for adults only due to local law, therefore we do not serve alcohol to participants under 18 years.
3) Modification of bookings:
3.1) Modifications regarding the number of participants may be effected until the previous day of the reservation.
3.2) In case of increasing the number of participants, Ouverture will check the availability and inform you in writing about the possibility of accepting additional people
3.3) Cancellation of our participation has no penalty fee. You are kindly requested to inform us by phone (+39 092 3719970) to pass on the availability to other guests interested.
4) Appointment schedule:
4.1) The confirmed time schedule is obligatory for the participants. In case of urgencies please contact us by phone (+39 092 3719970).
4.2) The confirmed time schedule may be subject of modifications by Ouverture until the day before the confirmed date. Should this be the case we will contact you and inform you about the modified time.
5) The payment will be effected at the welcome desk of Ouverture with cash or cards (EC, MC, VISA, AMEX, DC)
6) General code of conduct of visitors:
6.1) The access to our premises is permitted only in case of being accompanied by authorized staff.
6.2) Visitors are requested to follow the indications of the hosts that accompany them.
6.3In case of emergency (es: fire) please keep calm and close to our staff, follow their instructions and the emergency exits that are clearly signed.