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A high-altitude viticulture, surrounded by mountain forests, valleys and small clearings, and in close proximity to the city of Palermo. Baglio di Pianetto’s estate is a jewel of biodiversity, nature and Sicilian agricultural landscape. The vineyards are located 650 MASL in the area dedicated to the production of Monreale’s DOC where the integration between vines and terroir could not be more valuable.


A grand Oaktree on the top of the hill, sitting at the convergence point of all the rows of grapevine. In spring, the colourful dazzle of the first blossoms is a spectacle of nature. The Estate of Contrada Pianetto (Santa Cristina Gela), is a kaleidoscope of micro-climatic conditions. Exposure, altitude, atmospheric temperature range, ventilation all come together to determine the precious interplay between plant and soil which gives our wines their freshness, complexity, elegance and longevity. Olive oil and a small yield of wheat complete the production range of a company that has chosen to farm completely organically.


88 ha 650 MASL
61 in production, 5 undergoing replantation, 3 olive groves.
The vines: vertical trellises, spur trained cordons, 5000 trunks per ha
Soil composition: mostly clayey, with siliciclastic sedimentary rocks


At Baglio di Pianetto the different altitudes, degrees of sun exposure and microclimates all contribute to the creation of diverse pedoclimatic conditions. The interaction with the different cultivars grown here is the result of a conscious choice, made by Count Paolo Marzotto from the very beginning. A land expressive of great international reds and a number of excellent white-skinned varieties, many of which traditional. The microcosm of the estate is a dream fulfilled, the achievement of a perfect vineyard, where allochthone varieties can grow in proximity to some of Sicily’s most traditional cultivars. Walking along the narrow paths that cut across the estate, therefore, one can observe the grapevines of Merlot alongside the Cabernet Sauvignon and then, in a different landscape, the Sicilian Grillo and Catarratto. A journey among the protagonists of today’s quality viticulture, which must by right include also the Inzolia, the Viognier and the Petit Verdot.

Our taste itineraries

Gold Package Tasting - Baglio di Pianetto - Pianetto's Estate Winery

Gold Package

Gold Package: Visit and wine tasting of six wines Insolia, Nero d'Avola Ficiligno, Ramione, Carduni and Cembali.

per person
including VAT
Standard Package Tasting - Baglio di Pianetto - Pianetto's Estate Winery

Standard Package

Standard Package: Visit and wine tasting of four wines Insolia, Nero d'Avola Ficiligno and Ramione.

per person
including VAT

Our room

Charme room - Baglio di Pianetto - Pianetto's Estate Winery

Charme room

including VAT

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